Network Visualization Tutorial

I propose a network visualization tutorial in Gephi – an open-source, multiplatform software, commonly referred to as Data Photoshop.

Gephi has an intuitive user-friendly interface, which allows to visualize and analyze social networks, biological networks, infrastructures, time series (dynamic graphs), map geotagged data, and much more.

We’ll also look at tools that can help you generate network data for Gephi.

Bring your own dataset or play with the ones available, and take home a cute souvenir like the one below:


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About Olga Boichak

I'm a social/data science PhD student interested in material and infrastructural properties of social media. I explore ways, in which human and non-human actors use social media to advance political goals. Prior to starting grad school, I ran a small think-tank, engaged in advocacy and social entrepreneurship, and served as a youth delegate of Ukraine to the UN.