VPNs, Piratebox, and TailsOS

**Note: I teach a class MWF from 10:30a to 11:30a; any times outside of that are fine by me.


Given recent political events people are more interested in VPN and safe browsing. In this session I will introduce three tools: The Piratebox, TailsOS, and Virtual Private Networks.  Piratebox, a totally legal, open source project that converts a router into a personal file sharing device that is private, secure, and functions independently of an internet connection. Next I will show participants Tails, a legal linux distribution that prioritizes privacy and which you can install on a flashdrive.* The session will end with a discussion about  VPNs – how they work, what they protect against, and why people might want to use them – and the measure participants want to take to match the level of privacy they desire.
*for participants that bring a flashdrive of at least 6gb, there is potential for them to make a TailsOS drive during this session [note: all contents of the drive will be erased]

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I have been working higher education for 7 years, mostly as a Hall Director. In my current role at SUNY Geneseo I manage a specialty housing area (Writers House) which includes the development of a residential curriculum focused on student interest in writing. I have had the pleasure of teaching First Year Success Seminar courses for first year students but also leadership courses for student leaders on campus. I also am a certified Safe Zone training facilitator, an adviser for a Greek organization, and an adviser for a sexual assault awareness and prevention group on campus. My scholarly interests include, digital rhetoric, identity formation, epistemology, imperialism (specifically its impacts), the epic tradition, and speculative realism (a new favorite) - specific writers of interest include Homer, Dante, William Blake, John Keats, H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Michel Foucault, Julia Kristeva, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Graham Harman. I embrace my curiosity as much as possible and can often be found geeking out about select TV shows, most films, video games (find me on steam), board/card games, running, P90X and other "extreme" workouts, computer coding, and reading (fiction and non-fiction alike).

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  1. We’ll make sure to take your teaching schedule into consideration when we put this on the day’s plan.

  2. Jason Luther says:

    I’d love to hear more about VPNs and potential complications both on and off campus. Thanks, Noah!

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