Discussion Group: Exploring the Sustainability of Various Digital Platforms

Since I started serving on our Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Committee, I have explored various digital platforms designed to showcase scholars’ research. However, there is always part of me that worries about the sustainability of the platform. What if this site goes down tomorrow? I have only recently begun to think about this topic but I think it’s worth discussing.  What options are available to researchers who store a lot of content on platforms like Scalar, Thinglink, Tableau or Omeka? This discussion group will raise questions about considerations of content/data storage for the long-term future.

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About Anne Larrivee

I have worked as a Subject Librarian at Binghamton University since 2011, and became coordinator of the Open Repository @Binghamton in 2016. I recently earned my M.A. in Anthropology from Binghamton University and have an M.A. from University of South Florida in Library and Information Science. Most of my research has focused on communities of practice; I have conducted an ethnographic study of a community makerspace in Binghamton and have researched open research culture.