HathiTrust: collections, datasets, potential

Many researchers are familiar with HathiTrust as a collections content-provider, particularly for public domain works. And, it is assumed that users at non-member institutions can’t really access the digital library’s features, nor get access to datasets to analyze. This librarian says that you can do it!

In this session, I will show how to set up a University of Michigan Friend Account (if you aren’t from a member institution), demo the collection builder, provide an overview of dataset options, intro the HathiTrust Research Center portal, and show tips and tricks about seeing the full metadata and rights for a volume.

Additionally, I’d like to discuss — How can the library support researchers who are wanting to work with HathiTrust data? I’d like to discuss options, especially with folks who have used or who want to use datasets.

Are there any researchers attending THATCamp who have used HathiTrust datasets in their research? if so, please volunteer to share them during the session!

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About Rachel Fox Von Swearingen

I'm a music librarian with my fingers in a little bit of everything, including collection development, instruction, and outreach activities, I recently finished a year-long project that involved a collection analysis and learning to do a lot of fun Excel functions and data visualizations. Previously, I spent a year on the HathiTrust User Support Working Group where I answered questions about the digital library from users all around the world.