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Proposal for a session in which you offer to teach a skill, either a “hard” skill or a “soft” skill.

HathiTrust: collections, datasets, potential

Many researchers are familiar with HathiTrust as a collections content-provider, particularly for public domain works. And, it is assumed that users at non-member institutions can’t really access the digital library’s features, nor get access to datasets to analyze. This librarian … Continue reading

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VPNs, Piratebox, and TailsOS

**Note: I teach a class MWF from 10:30a to 11:30a; any times outside of that are fine by me.   Given recent political events people are more interested in VPN and safe browsing. In this session I will introduce three … Continue reading

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Network Visualization Tutorial

I propose a network visualization tutorial in Gephi – an open-source, multiplatform software, commonly referred to as Data Photoshop. Gephi has an intuitive user-friendly interface, which allows to visualize and analyze social networks, biological networks, infrastructures, time series (dynamic graphs), map … Continue reading

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The Library as Junk Shop (play/teach)

I propose a session that frames the library as a junk shop. Inspired by the bricolage and pastiche skills cultivated by second-hand print cultures (zinesters, collagists, Dada), participants will subvert the library’s traditional role as a searchable repository by browsing the stacks for provocative … Continue reading

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