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Build-A-Bot Workshop

Automated text generation is interesting and provocative for folks interested in writing; I am thinking of provocations like the material created for NaNoGenMo; but more often, this sort of text generation appears in shorter forms, often tweets, from “bots.” Mark … Continue reading

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Network Visualization Tutorial

I propose a network visualization tutorial in Gephi – an open-source, multiplatform software, commonly referred to as Data Photoshop. Gephi has an intuitive user-friendly interface, which allows to visualize and analyze social networks, biological networks, infrastructures, time series (dynamic graphs), map … Continue reading

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E-lit & web writing (play/make)

I propose a session to talk about the playful aspects of electronic literature and web writing. We’ll see some example projects, explore some tools, and mess with digital text in a variety of ways, thinking about pedagogical and creative uses … Continue reading

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